I have three questions. #1) Is SFI a MLM

I have three questions. #1) Is SFI a MLM business and is it really Free? #2) Is TripleClicks an Affiliate program? #3) Of the two, which one will earn you the best income in the short to medium period of time? Before answering think about it carefully.

Answer: 1. Yes, of course, SFI is a multi-level marketing (or network marketing) program. And thank goodness ,since it’s the most power infrastructure there is for the “little guy” to build a massive income! You can earn on up to 12 generations (i.e. “multi levels”) below you. See our Compensation Plan (https://www.sfimg.com/compplan/).

SFI never, ever requires that you buy anything so, yes, it’s free. Always has been, always will be.

2. TripleClicks is SFI’s product. Or maybe a better way to put it is, you sell the products of TripleClicks as an SFI affiliate.

3. If you’re asking if recruiting affiliates or selling products is more profitable, the answer is yes. 🙂 Seriously, that all depends on your skills, personality, etc. Some people are best to build downlines, some are best to build customer lists. Note: There are many great threads on this topic at Ask SC that can get your rocking in either or both.




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